What is The S.F. Experience?

The S.F. Experience gives you the chance to take on UK Special Forces selection.

Take yourself beyond what you perceive to be your limits, dust off your bergen and join The S.F. Experience team as we put through a series of events designed to give you a realistic snapshot of what is undeniably the toughest military course in the world – UK Special Forces Selection.

Our events are designed to give each participant an experience unrivalled by any other.

All events are directed by ex-members of UK Special Forces who have passed the gruelling selection process and know exactly how to share that experience with you.

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Our History

Taking on The Fan Dance

In August 2013 a small cadre of ex UK Special Forces soldiers organised a physical endurance event in the Brecon Beacons in remembrance of 3 men who had recently died while taking part in an SAS Selection course.

The event proved hugely popular amongst civilians, ex-military and serving military personnel, raising a significant amount of money for charity and bringing together a large number of like-minded outdoor orientated folk to challenge themselves by completing the infamous Special Forces Selection route named “The Fan Dance”.

From this The S.F. Experience was born…

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