What’s Involved?

You will be infiltrated with your colleagues into the desert where you will begin The Ultimate Survival Experience by our highly experience SERE team.

This will consist of a refresher for all those who have attended either the Nevada Desert Survival Training Camp or the UKSF Survival Weekend in the UK. Once your training is complete you will be inserted deep into the desert with only basic materials and equipment where you will improvise, adapt and overcome the elements. Using the training you’ve been given you will plan and prepare your journey ahead together with the rest of your group. You must work as one motivated team to make it to each RV where you will receive new instructions. Occasional ‘Goodie’ drops will be made in or about your locations which you will have the opportunity to locate using advanced navigation techniques which will be given to you. You will have to use all your training and reliance on your team mates to survive in this harsh environment whilst evading critters and setting traps to catch them.

A full itinerary will be given personally to all successful applicants within a week of registration. Subjects covered range from Desert Survival, Land Navigation, Tracking, Hunting, and much more. Our Desert team are second to none in their knowledge, experience and delivery in this environment. The team is a mixture of UK and US instructors from various military units including Special Forces.

Forthcoming Events

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID-19 PANDEMIC and travel restrictions our international events are currently under review and we cannot accept any new registrations

15th – 21st August 2020



A full itinerary including further information will be provided to all who register for this epic adventure via email.

Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis. Only 16 places are available on a first come first serve basis. A £300 deposit will secure your place then take advantage of our monthly payment plan or save money and pay in one bulk payment. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information. There is also a USA only ticket available. This can be purchased if you wish to make your own arrangement to meet us there.


You must apply for a Visa to visit Arizona.

All applicants will be asked to provide a copy of this 8 weeks before departure. Click on the link for more information and to apply. Approx $14

Approx $14 – Apply For VISA

Travel Insurance

A valid travel insurance policy for the period of your stay must be submitted to us no later than 8 weeks before the departure date.

Approx £10 – £15


  • You must be at least 18yrs of age at time of purchase.
  • You must provide a Visa to cover your stay at Arizona. See link below
  • You must provide a travel insurance policy for the period.
  • Good general health/fitness is important.
  • Please alert us well in advance of any medication and/or allergies including any dietary requirements.
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Where Is It?

Arizona Desert
United States



“The most well organised event I have ever done. The DS truly made the experience one to remember”

Richard, Portsmouth

“Ached in places I never thought I could do. Met some really decent people. We’ll be back next year for sure”

Amanda (Team - 'Go Girls'), Birmingham

“Forget your mudders and OCR’s get yourself on this. This is the real deal. What a fantastic event. Brutal is not the word. It’s actually great fun too”

Tom, Glasgow