Loadstone Aptitude

One series… Three events… The toughest physical challenge you will face

Loadstone Aptitude series is for those of you who are willing to push yourselves to your physical and mental limits and beyond.

Designed to give a snapshot of the Aptitude, or hill, phase of UKSF Selection as part of the Loadstone event you will be required to complete all three events within a series under tougher and more mentally challenging conditions than regular participants.

Carrying additional weight on Point to Point and the Fan Dance of 45lbs (exc food and water), a mock weapon and subjected to some surprises at the events, you will be part of an elite group of participants that demonstrate they have what it takes to step up to the mark and go that bit further than your average racer.

You must gather all your physical endurance and mental aptitude to earn the coveted Loadstone Tier medal.


A payment plan is available for this event. Secure your place with a 25% deposit (plus Active fee) then pay the remaining balance in up to 3 equal installments leading up to the event).

Loadstone Aptitude is a combination of 3 events, these are:

  • The SF Base Camp
  • Point To Point (This must be undertaken using Self-Navigation)
  • The Fan Dance

Both Point To Point and the Fan Dance must be completed with 45lbs excluding food and water, and a mock weapon (supplied).

Forthcoming Events



WINTER 2022/23 SERIES STARTS Sat 29th October 2022


aptitude Event dates

SUMMER 2022 series


21st – 22nd May 2022


11th June 2022


18th June 2022

WINTER 22/23 series


29th – 30th oct 2022


19th November 2022


21st January 2023

SUMMER 2023 series







Please note that you can not mix events across different series. All 3 events must be completed in the same season/series as outlined above.

Aptitude Criteria

To qualify for Loadstone Aptitude Tier medal you must

  • Complete the Loadstone Aptitude series which includes all 3 events below
  • Carry the specified load bearing weight
  • Complete each route within the cut-off times given on the day

Aptitude must be completed within a single series and cannot be split across multiple seasons or years.

You will receive a finisher’s medal for each of the individual events you complete but will only receive a Loadstone medal if you complete within the criteria laid out below.

What’s in it for you?

We have set the benchmark high in this series to reflect the very high standards of fitness required to be awarded the coveted Loadstone Tier medal.

In doing so you can be sure that once you have earned it you will be part of a very exclusive club who have dared to push themselves through their comfort zone to achieve this exclusive medal and status.

  • Loadstone Tier medal
  • Exclusive Black Loadstone T-shirt (Only available to Loadstoners)
  • Loadstone Certificate signed by the D.S.
  • You will have also earned a custom made TSFE medal, event T-shirt (optional) & Certificate signed by the D.S for all of the 3 events you have taken part in.
  • Opportunity to win prizes for winning times within each category and event.

Loadstone Aptitude combines the following events:

Special Forces Boot Camp

Special Forces Boot Camp

This is a full weekend which incorporates an instructional day with various lessons and PT sessions over the weekend. Course content changes for each SF Base Camp to keep it new and exciting.

Point to Point

Point to Point

28km navigational exercise which is conducted in the Brecon Beacons.

The Fan Dance

The Fan Dance

24km race taking on the famous UK Special Forces selection route.

Tier 1 – Gold

  • SF10 – Full weekend 35lbs
  • Fan Dance 45lbs, target time – 4hrs 15 mins
  • P2P 45lbs 4kph*

Tier 2 – Silver

  • SF10 – Full weekend 35lbs
  • Fan Dance 45lbs, target time – 4hrs 30 mins
  • P2P 45lbs 3.5kph*

Tier 3 – Bronze

  • SF10 – Full weekend 35lbs
  • Fan Dance 45lbs, target time – 4hrs 45 mins
  • P2P 45lbs 3kph*

*All distances given are ‘as the crow flies’ and may vary due to the route you take. You will without any doubt need to be ‘Hill fit’ for this category as these timings and load bearing weights are based on current UKSF selection criteria.

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The Loadstone Experience

For the first time ever The S.F. Experience unlock the door on the toughest Special Forces Selection in the World.

We are inviting the general public to have a taste of the various elements that make up SAS Selection including the infamous ‘Aptitude’ and ‘Continuation’ phases by those that have been there. Introducing Loadstone.

Former members of 22 SAS will put prospective candidates through a real life experience matched by no other.

“Awesome!!! Tough Mudders, Spartan races do not come close. Nothing compares to the fan dance”

Dave, England

“Brilliant! Great that all the guys with the heavy stuff were so cheerful and shouting good luck”

Sally, North Wales

“Amazing. Very well organised with DS who obviously are committed to giving the runners the best experience possible. Well done. See you next year.”

Lee, Scotland
SF10 Race
Fan Dance
Point To Point
Point To Point