The SF Boot Camp

A boot camp with a difference, the SF Boot Camp offers the perfect blend of physical training and valuable life skills.

You will receive instruction on a range of areas including survival, weapon handling, map reading and hand to hand combat plus physical training sessions at the hands of our ex-Special Forces Directing Staff (DS). You’ll also take part in an SAS type exercise conducting a Close Target Recce (CTR) then together with your team storm a a designated stronghold to free the captives whilst under the watchful eye of the Directing Staff. Of course there’ll always be some hidden surprises at the hands of the DS.

If you want to push yourself to your limits and acquire life skills from former Special Forces instructors then SFBC is one you can’t afford to miss.

Hot Food is provided from lunchtime on Saturday onward. Overnight camping with wash and shower facilities are present at the venue.  Finishers of the whole weekend will receive exclusive SFBC dog tags and a certificate of completion.  Please note: the content of each boot camp may vary but you will always receive an unforgettable experience.

Forthcoming Events

Saturday 23rd May 2020


Saturday 31st OCTober 2020


Saturday 22nd May 2021


Saturday 30th october 2021


Saturday 21st May 2022


What’s in store

An intensive day of instruction including, but not limited to:

  • Weapons Handling
  • Survival
  • Hills Awareness
  • Emergency Medical Procedures
  • Bergan Packing
  • Krav Maga
  • Close Target Recce & Killing House
  • PT Sessions As per UKSF selection

Plus, expect some hidden content that will help to make this weekend a memorable one.

Final Exercise

An advance to contact with full kit to storm a stronghold

The Advance to contact will be a 10 mile tab followed by an assessment of a CTR followed by an Immediate Action (IA) on a stronghold to rescue colleagues. Using all the skills you have been shown you and your colleagues will conduct a team plan and using covert communications will discuss your tactics before storming the building and putting an end to the siege.

A good level of fitness is required for this weekend but more importantly the ability to get stuck in and enjoy the action. There’s no requirement to enter as a team. All individuals are welcome as good friends are made over this weekend due to the content.

What’s Included

As well as the activity outlined above we provide:

  • Hot food – Saturday lunch, Saturday evening meal and Sunday breakfast
  • Hot and cold drinks available throughout the day
  • Overnight Camping facilities (you will be expected to bring your own tent and sleeping gear)
  • Wash and shower facilities at the site.

What Will I Receive?

    • Exclusive SFBC dog tags
  • Special Forces Boot Camp certificate of completion
  • Free downloadable high resolution images

Compete In One Of The Below Categories


Clean Fatigue

  • For participants who wish to run or walk the route without a weight requirement.
  • A mandatory kit is required and a list is provided ahead of the event.


  • Minimum of 35lbs weight carried, excluding food and water.
  • Ankle supporting boots must be worn.
  • A mandatory kit list and guidance on what to pack for weight is supplied ahead of the event.

Over 50’s

  • Separate categories for those Over 50.
  • The same mandatory kit is required as for the Clean Fatigue and Loadbearing categories.
  • The Over 50’s Loadbearing is reduced to 25lbs.


Loadstone category is exclusive to those on the Loadstone Aptitude event, which encompasses three events in one series. Further details.

Mountain Page Break

Where Is It?

Jacques Hall
Harwich Road
CO11 2XW



“The most well organised event I have ever done. The DS truly made the experience one to remember”

Richard, Portsmouth

“Ached in places I never thought I could do. Met some really decent people. We’ll be back next year for sure”

Amanda (Team - 'Go Girls'), Birmingham

“Forget your mudders and OCR’s get yourself on this. This is the real deal. What a fantastic event. Brutal is not the word. It’s actually great fun too”

Tom, Glasgow