SF Survival Foundation Course

For the first time ever TSFE will lift the lid on SAS Survival techniques that are usually reserved for Special Forces Soldiers across the globe and allow access behind the scenes of a hidden world.

The world of SURVIVAL. We will open our doors for civilians to explore and learn new life lessons that are normally reserved for Special Forces soldiers and will equip you with the essential know how tools to arm you with the confidence and ability to survive in the wild with minimum resources and equipment.

The TSFE SF SURVIVAL FOUNDATION Course is like no other available to date. Our instructors are handpicked for their expertise in their field and are military qualified Survival instructors.

You will be taught how to survive with minimal kit and equipment. The weekend will give you the knowledge to survive and thrive with the basics. You’ll learn how to source water, food, prepare a fire, shelter from the elements, navigate yourself or your team out of danger or to an extraction point. This isn’t bushcraft this is survival! The skills you learn will transcend around the world and prepare you and alter your mindset.

We will not disclose the full itinerary on here, but all registered clients will receive the course details prior to commencement of their syllabus

You’ll meet our instructors on the first morning and be fully immersed into the environment.

This course will act as a prerequisite for the Arizona Desert Warrior for those wishing to broaden their knowledge and experience overseas with our SERE experts.

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“The most well organised and informative course I have ever completed. The DS truly made the experience one to remember”

Richard, Portsmouth

“Absolutely spot on. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn real survival techniques. These guys are the real deal”

Amanda , Birmingham

“Learned so much over the weekend. Professionally presented from the outset”

Tom, Glasgow