SF10 Race

A 10 mile Combat Fitness Test

//SF10 Race
SF10 Race

SF10 Race

Our 10 mile races are no walk in the park.  Take on an SF10 Race and you will be taking on a challenge that will test stamina and mental determination.

The event is designed to emulate the CFT, a test that all soldiers have to undertake once a year as evidence they are fit and able enough to cover ground fully laden with the kit required to eat, sleep and fight. UKSF Selection ensures that the 10 mile CFT routes are not placid or flat.

Whether it’s our original SF10 in North Wales or one of our newer additions, you will face a tough test to mimic the SF version of CFT, with arduous ascents and a few mental challenges that will push your limits.

You will receive finishers’ medals and certificate of completion and first place prizes are given for each category for both male and female participants and team entries.

Forthcoming Events

Compete In One Of The Below Categories


Clean Fatigue

  • For participants who wish to run or walk the route without a weight requirement.
  • A mandatory kit is required and a list is provided ahead of the event.


  • Minimum of 35lbs weight carried, excluding food and water.
  • Ankle supporting boots must be worn.
  • A mandatory kit list and guidance on what to pack for weight is supplied ahead of the event.

Over 50’s

  • Separate categories for those Over 50.
  • The same mandatory kit is required as for the Clean Fatigue and Loadbearing categories.
  • The Over 50’s Loadbearing is reduced to 25lbs.


Loadstone category is exclusive to those on the Loadstone Aptitude event, which encompasses three events in one series. Further details.

“Awesome!!! Tough Mudders, Spartan races do not come close. Nothing compares to the fan dance”

Dave, England

“Brilliant! Great that all the guys with the heavy stuff were so cheerful and shouting good luck”

Sally, North Wales

“Amazing. Very well organised with DS who obviously are committed to giving the runners the best experience possible. Well done. See you next year.”

Lee, Scotland