Tactical Tracking Level One

The aim of the course is to teach individuals an understanding and awareness of the fundamentals of tracking and ground sign in order to build up an intelligence picture of their target/quarry.

Level 1 will be the theory and practical elements of pace to pace tracking in different mediums.

Our Instructors are fully qualified operational Tracking Instructors who have completed the arduous UK military Tracking course in Brunei, amongst other qualifications and have extensive operational experience making them experts in their field.

Together they have operational tracking experience and have delivered high calibre tracking training on all continents across the globe, with bespoke packages delivered to military and civilian groups to bolster the ability to gain factual intelligence.

Training has been delivered to search and rescue groups, local indigenous people, wildlife protection teams, park rangers, anti poaching teams, police investigators and members of the general public who have an interest in tracking.

Our instructors have a wealth of credibility and experience in delivering tracking content and are experienced in practical and theoretical training in all environments and mediums.

A must for anyone wanting to break into the world of Tracking.

Advanced Level 2 & 3 available to all who have completed Level one. Dates TBC.

Forthcoming Events

TACTICAL TRACKING LEVEL 1 –  Saturday 15th October


“I’ve done several courses with these guys now. The ‘Top Gun’ of their trade”

Darren, England

“I did this course out of pure interest. I really didn’t know there was so much to it. Amazing”

Sue, North Wales

“I was recommended by a friend. Fantastic course. Learned so much in a short space of time.”

Chris, Shresbury