Tactical Tracking Level One

The aim of the course is to teach individuals an understanding and awareness of the fundamentals of tracking and ground sign. In order to build up an intelligence picture of their target/quarry.

Level 1 will be the theory and practical elements of pace to pace tracking in different mediums.

Our Instructors are fully qualified operational Tracking Instructors who have completed the arduous UK military Tracking course in Brunei, amongst other qualifications making them experts in their field.

A must for anyone wanting to break into the world of Tracking.

Advanced Level 2 & 3 available to all who have completed Level one. Dates TBC.

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“Awesome!!! Tough Mudders, Spartan races do not come close. Nothing compares to the fan dance”

Dave, England

“Brilliant! Great that all the guys with the heavy stuff were so cheerful and shouting good luck”

Sally, North Wales

“Amazing. Very well organised with DS who obviously are committed to giving the runners the best experience possible. Well done. See you next year.”

Lee, Scotland