Hill Fit

There’s gym fit then there’s Hill Fit.

Hill Fit is brought to you by the Operations Director and Founder of The S.F. Experience – Jason Bowen.

Hill Fit has been created by Jason Bowen to bring the professionalism and effectiveness of The S.F. Experience events to a local level and to allow the general public the opportunity to receive the training required to improve their fitness levels and skill sets enabling each individual to reach their goal. The training packages will also help all patrons of TSFE perform at a higher standard and be better equipped physically and mentally on any TSFE event.

Jason Bowen is former UK Special Forces and has spent his life trekking in the mountains of the UK and around the world and has a wealth of experience from both the military and as a civilian. He founded the S.F. Experience in 2014 which hosts the original SAS Fan Dance march and the elite Loadstone series.

All courses have beginner and advanced options available. These do not have prerequisites attached and are open to all, whether you are an endurance junkie wishing to explore an alternative fitness regime or a Sunday stroller interested in learning new skills. All are welcome.

The perfect combination (Beginner)

Learn the art of navigation and develop your Hill Fitness whilst taking in some breathtaking views across the beautiful Welsh countryside.

  • This bundle is suitable for beginners to intermediate levels.
  • Only 20 students permitted per course.
  • First come first serve basis.

Forthcoming Events

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID-19 PANDEMIC our hill fit scheduled for may 2020 is being rescheduled. we will release new dates as soon as possible

Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd May 2020


Day One (Beginner)

Hill Fit Day

Get training guidance and practical advice to improve your hill fitness and performance on this hill fit day. This day offers an introduction to hill fitness and tabbing. Train with our experienced DS Team to enable you to learn how to push yourself and up your game ahead of one of our events or in order to generally improve your hill fitness. You will complete a selected route as a group and be given vital information with regards to equipment selection and maintenance, foot care and general guidance to improve your training through knowledge and experience provided by former UK Special Forces.

The army call this ‘Tabbing’ where as the Royal Marines call it Yomping. The word TAB actually comes from the phrase ‘Tactical Advance to Battle’ describing the method in which soldiers would travel on foot into battle with all their equipment to eat, sleep and fight.

Tabbing is very unique as it is a combination of muscle and cardiovascular endurance, burning far more calories than running alone and stimulating more muscle tone than a typical gym session. It also uses the largest muscles in the body, giving a higher calorific output.

The day will include practical tips for when you’re out on the hills in order to enhance your fitness and endurance. It will also deliver a series of essential ‘Know How’ skills, hints and tips related to hill fitness.

This day is perfect for those who are participating in our events or wanting to increase their general fitness and know how or simply want to try something new and gain tuition from the best in the business.

Day Two (Beginner)

Hill Navigation Training

A practical day of hill navigation training delivered by our experienced former Special Forces DS Team. This informative day will allow you to learn crucial map reading and navigation skills. Its practical nature will also give you the opportunity to practise your navigational competence to enable you to feel confident about planning and following a route on the hills.

For those who are taking part in our Point to Point event as part of Loadstone Aptitude or as a standalone event, we would recommend this day as a way of assessing your ability and identify areas to improve upon ahead of the day. This will also satisfy the pre-requisite for this and other navigation-led events.

The day is aimed at those with entry and / or intermediate levels of map reading.

Personal one to one Hill Fit & Navigation

***Hill Fit & Navigation***

Personal One to One Personal Hill Fit & Navigation training

With over 30 yrs experience both in the British military Special Forces and also undertaking worldwide expeditions I will provide bespoke training to suit your time schedule and budget.

Typical packages include:
• One day Personal Hill Fit £150 for One to two people sharing the cost.
• One day Personal Navigation Training £150 For one to two people sharing the cost.
• Two days of either of the above or a combination £200 for one to two people sharing the cost.

These costs include full days i.e. 0900hrs to 1700hrs.
Further Discounts available for small groups. Maximum of 4 for
Personal Training. Contact me for group prices. These work out considerably less per person.Get in touch today where I can offer you a free consultation based on your personal requirements.

Enquiries to: Jason@thesfexperience.co.uk

There’s gym fit…
Then there’s Hill Fit.

Jason Bowen

“Awesome!!! Tough Mudders, Spartan races do not come close. Nothing compares to the fan dance”

Dave, England

“Brilliant! Great that all the guys with the heavy stuff were so cheerful and shouting good luck”

Sally, North Wales

“Amazing. Very well organised with DS who obviously are committed to giving the runners the best experience possible. Well done. See you next year.”

Lee, Scotland