Stag Do Events

Here at TSFE we have the ability to create a stag do with a difference.

We can create a real bespoke experience to suit your requirements or choose from one of our existing events which will give your stag an experience he will never forget. All captured on film to be enjoyed over and over again.

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Packages Include:


CQB Killing House experience

Situated at our prestigious estate we will give your stag party a true experience of handling weapons and room clearance SAS style. All equipment is provided.

Point To Point

Mini Escape & Evasion

Your party will be given intelligence and maps to meet friendly agents around  the Welsh countryside. You will use your whit and determination to cross various obstacles to reach your target whilst being hunted by a tracking team. Do you have the skills to evade capture?

SAS Interrogation Experience

You will be given a cover story which you and your team will have to maintain. Will you have the nerve to hold your own under the pressures of physical and mental pressure.

Escape & Evasion

Mini Escape & Evasion and SAS interrogation experience

Both the above experiences in one package. Known in the industry as the SERE package. Recommended.


Snatch and grab full SAS Interrogation program

This is our premium Stag do event

Want to really go that extra mile for your stag then this is the one for you. All planning will be carried out in complete discretion away from the knowledge of the stag allowing for the ultimate experience. All captured on film and presented to you so you can relive this incredible experience

“Awesome!!! Tough Mudders, Spartan races do not come close. Nothing compares to the fan dance”

Dave, England

“Brilliant! Great that all the guys with the heavy stuff were so cheerful and shouting good luck”

Sally, North Wales

“Amazing. Very well organised with DS who obviously are committed to giving the runners the best experience possible. Well done. See you next year.”

Lee, Scotland