Forthcoming Events


SAT 13th NOVEMBER 2021 0600hrs – SUN 28TH NOVEMBER 2021 0559hrs

Our Iconic Virtual Event. Inverting the classic distance challenge. Choose your starting distance and complete it over 360 hours. Will you make it back to Zero?

Pick your weight category and complete your chosen distance during this time. Will you go with the standard weight categories or the heaviest SF45lbs? Will you challenge yourself with the 50km, 100km, or the 150km? Will you push yourself to the SF selection distance of 200km. Or, for the ultimate challenge, will you take on the ultra-distance of 300km?

Those completing their distance will receive an exclusive Inverse 360 patch and certificate. The event will begin at 0600hrs on the starting date and run for precisely 360 hours (15days). All activites must be started and completed within this time frame.

Upload your results after each activity to be added to the bi-weekly progression board that is published on the facebook group and see how you fare against your competition. Prizes will be awarded to the quickest participant in each distance and weight category.

Distance Options and Ticket Prices:

50km: £15
100km: £20
150km: £25
200km: £30
300km: £35

Who will make it back home?

Tickets are available to purchase throughout the event and you can also upgrade or downgrade your category and distance at any time however the 360 hours does not start from the point of ticket purchase if purchased after 0600hrs on the starting date.

Full details of the event are given within your joining instructions that can be found in your ticket confirmation email but further information/FAQs for this event can be found here




Our Infamous and Iconic Event. Virtual Style.

What you can expect

This is a self-disciplined event whereby you will be completing your chosen distance over a route planned by yourself, but, unlike other virtual races we offer complete support throughout the weekend. We will deliver a live briefing over zoom to set you all off at the same time and we will be available on Zoom throughout the weekend for you to check back in when you have finished and if you wish to drop in for some encouragement en route to showcase your local area/views. Our aim is to deliver you the feeling of a real event as much as possible.

For those undertaking the Dark Trail we will be online throughout the night and will be checking up with you via mobile communications to check your progress and give you any needed encouragement.

We will be holding a live de-brief at the end of the event on Sunday evening to enable us to all come together and congratulate each other and you will receive a full de-brief by our DS Staff. In addition, we will be hosting a live prize draw for all finishers by weight category to win various prizes.

On completion and with verified results you will receive a Virtual Fan Dance patch and a printed Certificate through the post within 21 days. Please note that these are made to order so please understand the delay from the event to receipt of the patch.

Ticket Prices:

  • The Fan Dance (24km) or The Dark Trail (21km) Single Event: £13
  • Eclipse (The Fan Dance Saturday or Sunday & The Dark Trail): £19
  • Gemini (The Fan Dance 24km on both Saturday & Sunday): £19
  • Trinity (The full weekend, The Fan Dance Saturday & Sunday, and The Dark Trail): £27


  • Fan Dance Saturday: 0745 – 1800
  • Dark Trail Saturday: 1945 – 0400 (Sunday)
  • Fan Dance Sunday: 0745 – 1800
  • Full Event De-Brief Sunday: 2000-2030

These timings include the mandatory safety briefing which commences at the starting times stated above. Each brief will last for approximately 30 minutes and it is a requirement that all participants attend this. Participants may start their event at any time they wish after the safety briefing so long as they have finished by the times stated above. Full details are given within your joining instructions received within your confirmation email.


About Our Virtual Events

New since May 2020, in a world of changing times, The S.F. Experience have recognised that we need to adapt and overcome not only personal challenges but those we can face unexpectantly. It is from this that our Virtual Series was born.

We are now offering a selection of our real events in a virtual enviroment, but with a twist. The real point of difference is that these are live. We do not just want you complete a distance in your own time and then you receive a medal in the post; we host these as live events whereby you are with people from all over the country and even the world, taking on the same challenge at the same time.

Upon registering you will receive a detailed set of joining instructions and you will all attend a safety briefing from our DS Staff via an online video conferencing platform. Here we set you all off together to complete the route of your choice. All we ask is that you complete the required distance, carry the weight that you have signed up to and adhere to our safety instructions.

As per our actual events, there are prizes and you will receive virtual certificates and medals or patches in the post. What are you waiting for? There is no excuse now…


“What a great weekend! Awesome group of people. Most positive group on Facebook. Knowledge and praise shared”

Matthew, Facebook

“Just about managed a smile at the end! Felt hot out there today last few miles a real struggle 🔥 Thanks to TSFE for putting on another great event! This time virtually”

James, Facebook

“My first event with TSFE today and loved it. Looking forward to doing the actual Fan Dance next year.”

Kamala, Facebook